Financial Advice Robina

Wealth Creators
(18 - 45 Yrs)

If winning lotto is your Plan A, we want to be your Plan B. For most of us financial security comes with financial planning & discipline.

Taking control of your financial life is extremely satisfying, improve self esteem and remove stress from relationships and families.

The earlier you learn & build these habits the better your lifestyle can be and the faster you get your investments working for you. Get Future Focused with Robina Financial Solutions!

Future focussed financial advice

Future Focused
(46-60 Yrs)

Busy with work, mortgages, kids education and life? You look up and suddenly retirement doesn’t seem to far away.

- What does my lifestyle in retirement look like?
- How much money will I need?
- How can I secure my income?

Understanding what you need to do is key to maximizing the opportunity you have through this period of your life to build your wealth.

Retirement Financial Advice Robina

Making Work Optional
(61+ Yrs)

You have a busy life, you like what you do, but you are thinking about that next step? We don’t believe this choice needs to be rushed but it should be prepared for. Once you have the assets to generate the income you need, the timing is up to you.

Additionally you need to allow for a few ‘surprises’ and  unplanned expenses. Planning what to do with the rest of your life should be a positive experience and done properly, it will be.

What We Do

RFS is an privately owned integrated financial advice business based on the Gold Coast that provides tailored strategies in wealth creation and management through efficient use of income and capital appreciation. Our ongoing success has to be based on improving our clients' net asset position. 

"We believe that we are only successful if we are making a material difference in our clients lives through specialised financial advice. We want to be there when all the hard work pays off and our clients reach that 'Work is optional' decision." 

Working with our accountant colleagues, RFS helps our clients understand their current financial position, what they will need and how they are going to get there whilst protecting their families and businesses along the way.

What Clients Say About Our Financial Advice

Ted and Sue S

In all my years in the political, public and business arenas, rarely have I found a professional advice agency with such commitment to their clients; an extremely high work ethic; high professional standards; and, a noticeably high level of staff moral and comradery. I have no hesitation what-so-ever in recommending Troy Theobald and the team at Robina Financial Solutions.

Ted and Sue S RFS Advice Client

Ian and Gwenda C

We have also built strong relationships with other members of his team and have found them a pleasure to deal with. They make us the priority and are very responsive to any queries we have. Having the comfort that we have our retirement savings well looked after we have been getting on with the important things in life – thoroughly enjoying our retirement. Bon Voyage!

Ian and Gwenda C RFS Advice Client


I can't believe how well this has all worked out. I am so grateful to you for arranging our finances...all the hard work has finally paid off. Thank-you beautiful girls

Anon. RFS Aged Care Client


I continue to appreciate the advice you gave us during a difficult part of our lives

Anon. RFS Aged Care Client

Dieter and Zita L

Thank-you to Troy and Paul...we are well informed
because of your emails. For us at the moment it is important to survive this
dreadful virus. We know our money is in safe hands.
Please stay well.

Dieter and Zita L | March 2020 RFS Advice Client

Francis C

Natalie has helped me relocate dear old friends into aged care. It is a mine field for those of us that know nothing about aged care. She is incredibly professional and knows the jargon and processes around aged care very well. She is understanding, has empathy yet remains very professional directing where it was required and suggesting where needed. A very difficult circumstance was made much easier. I highly recommend Natalie.

Francis C RFS Aged Care Client

Kimberley C

Natalie's compassion and care for my Mum's situation was exceptional. Situation aside, she was genuinely caring. Her guidance through a very trying time I will never forget. Highly recommended.

Kimberley C RFS Aged Care Client


I have highly recommended you and the whole team for all your support that has taken such a burden off my shoulders.

Anon. RFS Advice Client

Tony and Dianne I

Everything has happened so fast and thanks for looking after us. Hope you, Josh and all the staff take good care of yourselves.Thinking of you all.

Tony and Dianne I | March 2020 RFS Advice Client

We wish to express our thanks to Natalie Goodall and her very able assistant Rachel Bragg for not only their professional but also caring way of advising us on our financial needs.We followed Natalie from her previous employer to Robina Financial Solutions as we have complete trust in her advice. We have no hesitation in recommending Natalie to anyone seeking excellent advice on their financial needs.

Colin and Gardenia G RFS Aged Care Client

Ged W

I am (now) awaiting the bottom of the crash, I suspect at least a few more weeks to months and then its shopping time! Thanks again to you and your team for the valuable advice and support you give to many of us who are trying to our best to remain financially independent and off the government handout lines.

Ged W | March 2020 RFS Advice Client


The service from Robina Financial Solutions was simply outstanding.

Greg RFS Advice Client

Ranald & Lyn H

Our experience has always been exceptional. Courtneay always keeps me informed and up-to-date, a great team member. Troy is great to deal with and easy going. It is good to deal with staff that do their job efficiently but also take an interest on a personal level.

Ranald & Lyn H RFS Advice Client

Peter S

Thank you for managing my investments so professionally. One of the best decisions I have made was contacting Robina for financial planning advice.

Peter S RFS Advice Client

Stuart and Michelle D

There are many reasons this company has won so many awards and continues to rapidly grow. We find the level of intelligent highly skilled individuals, combined with transparency and honesty, the most attractive and noticeable qualities. We feel absolutely confident that no matter what comes our way in the future, good or otherwise, we can rely on RFS to guide us in the right direction. They are a complete fit.

Stuart and Michelle D RFS Advice Client

Self Managed Super Funds

SMSFs can provide much greater flexibility in regards to investment strategies and Estate planning when structured appropriately.  RFS has advisers who specialise in this area and, working with your accountant, will help you maximise the value you can get from your Superannuation Assets.

Mortgage Reduction

Paying off that mortgage is arguably one of the best financial objectives you can have. A disciplined approach partnered with effectively utilising your existing cash flow can dramatically reduce the time it will take you to become 'MORTGAGE FREE'. Talk to us about our 'Passport to Prosperity' program.

Private Wealth Creation

'Making Work Optional' is a life goal for many of our clients.  Not necessarily retiring but knowing when they can afford to!  Then we need to accumulate the assets, build the income streams and reduce debt that will allow that decision to become a reality.

Insurance & Wealth Protection

The foundation of any financial advice should be looking to protect the family and/or business from the inevitable surprises that happen through life.  

Direct Shares

We have several options for clients who want access to direct shares, from client directed to professionally managed share portfolio. Our portfolios are built in trading platforms that can take care of all your corporate actions and provide you with one consolidated tax report.  All with on-line access 24/7 so you can see your portfolio when it is convenient for you.

Finance Solutions

Through MES, a wholly owned subsidiary of RFS, we offer our clients access to the full range of finance and lending arrangements.  

Awards We've Won

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